I have been using X20 for the last 8 months ( My erect length is 4.3 inches and erect girth 4.1). There was a gap of 2 months when I did not use since I was travelling. Though there is no change in length. I see a slight increase in girth. My problem is that when I use comfort pad the suction is not good and when I don’t use it, I get gaitor bite marks when the pump is pressed towards the body which causes pain. I have also used Lubes (applying it on the gaitor) but it does not help. Can you please advise how to overcome this problem. I am 55 years. THe Xtreme series is beyond my budget
Our recommendation: If your budget permits you, you should positively get the Hydromax X-Series. It is still a very nice pump, but is somewhat outdated. If you commit to this, you should also spend a few more dollars for getting a stronger device which will provide you with more comfort. The Xtreme-Series with the hand pump will be a great addition for the ones who are seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment, but will not give you better results as compared to the Hydromax X-Series because the same gaiters are used.
I still use the pump, just not every day now. I'd say maybe 3 times a time, 10 minutes each. It's sort of like 'muscle memory' I guess, you can get back to your peak j3glllopment very quickly and just use small 'workouts' for maintenance -- if that makes sense. I'm actually getting back into it since I got this other device and routine that I want to try out, which I'll let you guys know how that goes!

Flaccid gains are not as meaningful as erect ones. For me the flaccid gains have been even more impressive which is caused mainly by the fact that I used to be a grower and not a shower. If you are already a shower, which basically means that your penis is not prone to penis turtling, then I think your flaccid gains will be close to the erect ones.

Hey man! Just bought mine and I'm reading all I can and really appreciate all the info you've shared and I've enjoyed your YouTube vids too. My 8 year marriage recently ended and I need a little more confidence headin back out there just being an average guy. The bathmate really seems like its going to help with realistic gains, I'm not looking to add a foot. Sorry I'm rambling, my back is messed up and the Oxy makes me talkative. Lol anyways thanks for all the info GLL!!

The male enhancement pump is very easy to use and it is equipped with reliable safety features that can help its users to increase the sizes of their penis without suffering from several kinds of painful sensation and serious medical conditions. It is the best hydro pump that I’ve ever seen in the online market. I’ve already tested it. And it helped me to make my penis more interesting and irresistible in the eyes of my girlfriend.
Thanks bro! I started doing your routine exactly 3 months ago to this day and it has worked better than I thought it would work. I think the jelqing and the Hydromax are a good combo. I’ve been doing the jelqs by hand but I’ve got my jelq device now and it makes it so much easier! Oh yeah I forgot to say that in 3 months I’ve gained over 3cm. I would like to use this system to get to 8” if that’s possible. I still have a way to go but I have a good feeling. Thanks again bro!
Update October 2012- In some of the post-Bathmate pictures I have these "rings," they go away in a few minutes. I finally realized what they are from- I'm getting too big for the Hercules and it might be time to move up to the bigger one. I have the new Hydromax x30 on the way. The Bathmate Hercules supports up to 9" in length and 6.5" in girth. I'm pushing it on girth [when expanded inside the Bathmate] at this point.
2016 Update: I started using a Phallosan Forte with the Bathmate, and plan to for a year. I share results and data that will be helpful to anyone that wants an idea of the time commitment involved with adding a stretcher to a pump routine. The first 3 months were a struggle, but so far, things are looking good. I am calling this the Pump & Stretch Challenge, which will end on March 2017. Updates are also available through the email newsletter.

Well, hello there. I hope you’ve been hitting the Newbie Bathmat Routine and the Intermediate Bathmate Routine. If not, make sure to complete them, only then can you safely use the Advanced Bathmate Routine presented here. I know you want to grow as fast as possible and the Bathmate Hydro Max is the perfect tool for it. But there is no benefit in overdoing it, the last thing you want is hurt your penis!
After 1 month: When I first used the Hydromax the results would wear off when I woke up the next day but after following my routine for a month I started to notice that when I woke up in the morning I was still noticeably bigger. After just one month I started to notice that my s were a lot thicker and harder and I was  a lot more. My s felt amazing for some reason and they still do. 6 Months Later: Before I knew it 6 months had gone by.. Before my Hydromax X30 arrived I was 4.4 inches in length and not very thick in girth but after 6 months I am now 6.5 inches in length and a lot thicker than before. And I know the results are permanent because I haven’t used my Hydromax for the past 3 weeks because I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped using it but thankfully my gains have stuck! Here’s my Hydromax before and after pics.. Before. After. I feel like a changed man. The other night I went out for dinner with some work mates and I met this beautiful blonde wearing a stunning little black dress. I’m no Brad Pitt but somehow I got her back to my place and into bed. This was the first time I’d had a women back to my place since splitting up with my girlfriend and the first time I had gotten a chance to try out my “new” . It felt absolutely amazing to have  and not feel so embarrassed about the size of my  and she commented several times about how big it was. And for the first time ever I was actually able to leave a woman satisfied which felt great. TIP: Before I went...
If you use it for a duration of 15 minutes with full or nearly full erection, you will get a temporary gains of .50 inches along the length and .75 inches along the girth. (Which is actually great if you want to increase the size just before having sex with your partner.) If you are a beginner, you will find greater gains since the penis tissue is very tight naturally. These gains last for 18 hours (approximately), including the times where you lose an erection and the time for intercourse. You will observe permanent gains after using it consistently for some time. As a whole, there will be more blood flow to the penis which will result in a hard and firm erection.

I have got a Bathmate Hercules. Using it about a 1 week but can’t see any results neither in girth nor in length. My size is 5.5 in length and 2.5 in girth. When I use it, the foreskin on the top swells and my penis looks bigger for some period. Is it harmful? How can it get good results? Please help me out; I am feeling depressed after getting no results.
Wanna know what’s better? These pumps are used by men all over the world! As in, over 70 different countries. So, don’t feel like you are the “odd man out” by using one.Each model features a one-click open/close knob on the top to lock in pressure and both come with comfort pads to attach to the insertion hole. The plastic tube and the gator are one piece, but can easily be rotated. Optional to use, are measurement gauges along the sides, so you can track your progress.I would certainly recommend taking advantage of the gauges when starting out. Although I am not a physician or anything. It’s best to see how your penis responds.
I wrote this when I was reviewing phallosan but I think I should post it here too. From the statistic, it seems like the combination of bathmate and phallosan really works GREAT. From what I have seen, people using this combination has a tendency to gain length a lot faster than going with either phallosan or bathmate alone. With the combination of this two penis devices you will get a length gains of 0.009259 inches per day and that is 1 inch in 108 days only.
Also make sure that as soon as you’re done with the Bathmate routine, you put your foreskin over your glans (if you’re not circumcised, otherwise don’t bother about this). The foreskin right below your glans will be swollen after using the Bathmate, a little bit like a donut around your penis (You’ll see what I mean after your first usage…). Check out what I mean in this article about Bathmate fluid retention.
as soon as i take it out it becomes small again , im using it with no erection ( ive used it for 4 days lol but ive never seen the insta pump that last 1 or 2 hours that many claim ) not sure if thats cuz im using it with no erection , about the pressure how do i know if im being too kind , im using an x30 for my 5 incher (in erection) should i get the x20?