as soon as i take it out it becomes small again , im using it with no erection ( ive used it for 4 days lol but ive never seen the insta pump that last 1 or 2 hours that many claim ) not sure if thats cuz im using it with no erection , about the pressure how do i know if im being too kind , im using an x30 for my 5 incher (in erection) should i get the x20?

I have been a happy Bathmate owner for the past 5 months and have been really impressed with the pump. I use the pump 3-4 times a week to add size – I started out at 5 (12,7 cm.) inch-long and 4.5 (11,43 cm.) inch girth and so far, I have gained over 0.6 (1,52 cm.) inch in length and almost 1 (2,54 cm.) inch in girth! I have not told my girlfriend about the pump but she has mentioned the size of my penis (In a positive way 🙂 ) several times in the last couple of months!